Persisting. Prolonged. Ceaseless. Continuous. Lingering. Long-lasting.
Some maladies are easy to cure. Go to a doctor, collect a prescription; pop a tablet and you are absolutely healthy and glowing. But the other disorders in the spectrum aren’t so lucky. They take years to develop and mature and then owing to those years, continue to stay on till the end.
Consider the patient – his life, before the condition was diagnosed to the changes in the following after. His mental status, his resolve, medications that he has to keep up with, his morbidity! Despite meeting the best consultant, despite the best tests; despite it all his condition worsens and he finds himself at the mercy of the disease. His treatment lasts long, sustaining years to come, years of trying to control its progression.
This edition will try revealing the impact that these chronic illnesses (to name a few – Diabetes, Hypertension, Down’s syndrome, Thalassemia, Thyroid disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cancer etc.) have on the patient, his family and his immediate surroundings. It will also aim at demonstrating the evolution of these conditions and account for an understanding of the disease at the patient level.
After all, it stays, forever! Directed by: Dr. Suranajana Basak


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