Anushka Reddy Marri

Final year, part II

RIMS, Adilabad


In a split second, I got teleported to a dimly lit enclosure with oddly mobile walls. The floor was bumpy and slippery. It looked like an endless tube without an escape. Everything I heard was so familiar yet uncanny. I tried to find my way, following any lead that I could see, hear or smell.


Suddenly, the floor moved and bounced me around. I got drenched in something mushy. It caused my skin to itch and burn as I tried to get rid of whatever it was. As I was struggling, an unforeseen shadow crawled through the weird tube. SOMETHING WAS RAPIDLY FLOWING THROUGH THE TUBE!!! I ran for my life following any ray of light visible.


I ended up at an unstable opening to a tiny hallway. I hopped in only to realize that I’d be walking with my legs immersed in a thick fluid. Using all my strength, I trudged through the dense liquid. After walking for an eternity, I found a pool at the end of the tunnel. I jumped in with thoughts of swimming my way to freedom.


But nothing was going to be normal here. The walls of the pool started to move in unison to a monotonous tone which was strangely familiar. The metallic smell of the liquid and the unavoidable movement of the pool triggered a chilling realization. “Holy moly! I’m inside an invertebrate”, I yelled in distress.


I calmed my nerves and decided to make the best use of my newly acquired knowledge. After all, I only had to find the right sinus out. I swam to the opening that had the brightest illumination and jumped in. It felt like a water slide. With a stroke of good luck, I glided my way into what looked like the mouth of this eerie organism that I was in.


Without any delay, I dived out only to discover an awry truth. All along, I had been trapped inside a MAGGOT!


Just when I was coming to terms with this gruesome incident, a tsunami of what smelled like chloroform, hit me and the maggots. Snapping into reality from the alternate universe, I said, “The chloroform will suffocate the maggots to death and I will be able to remove them soon”, in an exhausted voice from all the OPD stress.

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