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Ever since I’ve learnt cooking, I’ve always marvelled at the complexity of Indian food. I say complex, because there are multiple ingredients that go into the making of a single dish. Many of these ingredients comprise various spices, which in their small amounts contribute to a flavoursome result. 


But it is not just flavour that they are useful for. Each of these spices possess medicinal properties that make Indian food not just wholesome in taste, but also healthy.

In an age where we have come to discover the dangers of free radicals, there are several antioxidants to help combat them, in our very kitchen. Cumin seeds, garlic and cinnamon are known to contain antioxidant properties.


And then are superfoods like turmeric that are so packed with nutrients that they are used to treat a wide range of disorders; may it be a wide range of cancers (the jury’s still out on that one), treating wounds, coughs and colds, detoxification of liver, flatulence, jaundice, menstrual difficulties, bloody urine, haemorrhages…whew! The list goes on and on.

We all know of the medicinal properties of spices and condiments and use them as our primary medicines. Have a bellyache? Chew some cumin seeds or drink a concoction of ginger. Toothache?Nothing like a dab of clove oil to the affected area. Having trouble with acne? A paste of cinnamon and nutmeg works wonders.

Writing about all the spices and covering all their medicinal properties would amount to data enough to fill a book. The benefits are endless, especially in present day scenario where diseases have adapted to allopathic medicines and often trump them.

So the next time, you venture into the kitchen, and see those small pouches of spices and condiments lined up on the counter, don’t ignore them. Use them as and when you can, because you might not only end up being praised for your cooking skills but might also be responsible for keeping an ailment or two at bay.


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