“Let me sleep”

Education in premier institutes is something of interest for many who have survived to their best. I couldn’t help writing when press wrote this a few months ago appalling every other student of the country, this being the third suicide reported from the same tier I institute. Educational system is changing, analysis left behind for a never ending debate.
“Let me sleep”, is all what he wrote in his suicide note.
I chanced to go through some feedback notes left behind by general readers who had shown enough sympathy over such incidents, then. With due respect to our moral conscience, I would never expect at least my view to be a local spine reflex without empathy. Many of them advised, “guys, don’t take things to heart, after all learn to manage stress!”. I would wonder how can someone call this even sensible, sitting way far from the subconscious level of turbulence students go through these days at a higher education tier. Again, I don’t think he is incapable of handling regular stressful routine for he is one among those who has made his way through one of those toughest examinations of the country. You never know what one has been through for not of his fault, a statement, evergreen. Who is approachable: A dean, who can never go against the reputation of the institution? A friend who is stuck the same way? A teacher, who might be bringing the student to the level of self-harm? Parents, for whom kids put themselves under stress to help their mom and dad evade depression pondering over their child’s future?
Strive for achieving something through persistent work, and “no shortcuts” had been a life motto, at least for a few. Do you really think, a 22-year young boy can handle the drama that’s going on around, where he can’t speak for him, where everything happening seems to be prejudiced. If time has passed by, if children have become incapable of handling mental stress as mentioned by the so-called wise society, it is worth accepting the fact that with time, the environment where he/she has to survive has also been adulterated so much that there is no room for those who are straight forward in their approach. It is obvious, it takes him/her a lot of struggle to make peace with the unyielding situations which they shouldn’t have gone through, but because of so called vicious world he/she perceives in everything that breaks them from being an innocent school kid to a desolated lone victim of graduate student. May be to some extent, survival would help. But, never know that surviving at one point seems to be of no worth to them, being toppled many a times among the never ending struggle for survival of the many around.

You are lost, do we have some provision to sort this out?
Sad to say, but obviously NO.
Depression, might be, or may be something else.

To untangle this, many would have to answer for these precious lives. So, again someone would let take the same weapon TIME, to let this fade! This is because, human beings have a mathematical property: “Memoryless Property” that is proportional to time. This would also be never sorted out, having bound to see yet more cases of what we call “confusion”/ “stress headaches”/ “migraines”/ “fear” / “monotony” / “despair” / “solitude”/ “hatred” /”DEPRESSION”/…; ending in such unfortunate notes!
Not just the individual be blamed for this, but the fact is MANY lead them unknowingly to it! Again as we tell, loss is for those mothers and fathers who can never come out of it even with TIME. Try to see if someone needs help beside us. At least we can ensure to not disturb someone else’s peace of mind.

The article is written by Naveen Gangadharan who is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department Of Bioengineering and Physiology at Christian Medical College Vellore. He is a multifaceted personality and is deeply passionate about research, education and stress management in modern day living.

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