Turning yourself INSIDE OUT

We don’t have blood tests to diagnose abstract things like happiness, sadness, excitement or numbness. We, use our emotional quotient and innate humanitarian goodness to help those in the low. Lending a ear is the kindest thing one can do, and sincerely helping others gives us all a purpose in life.
Providing mental support is an art for those with compassion. It’s far from superficial small talk or a bunch of “to-do lists for happiness”.

One such initiative – INSIDE OUT, is all about ‘Coming Out’ – Overcoming the “Invisible Illness” and Switching to Better Holistic Health.

“Inside Out” is a mental health venture that was launched on 10th October 2017 by Switch India (an NGO based in Mumbai, India) to provide free resources tackling mental health to all.
It functions on the basis of email exchanges wherein anyone may share his or her concerns by writing to insideout@switchindia.org and the concerned buddy helper (the mentor) addresses the issues within 24 to 48 hours with a detailed and personalized response. We provide patient ears and friendly advice for various mental health issues and also refer to our mental health professionals if the need arises. We suggest healing exercises like journaling and meditation and recommend certain articles, books or videos to help the person learn and heal.
Inside Out inculcates in its members a strong passion to help others and the vision to shred the stigma associated with mental health issues such as stress, fear, anxiety, depression and remorse.
Any issues causing psychological and emotional distress, from academic or work related stress to grief, peer problems, relationship, life, family, etc. can be discussed with the mentors here. Nobody is judged here. Anonymity is always strictly maintained at both ends. All exchanges are always kept strictly confidential.
It’s never been a child’s play to be perfectly calm, collected and comfortable with opening up about one’s innermost fears, wounds, pain and those landslides of emotions that weigh on us every time we try to address them.
Just like science and mathematics, the understanding of one’s emotions stems from oversimplifying it and “consciously being its knowing, and not being in its undoing!”

As Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said – “What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing to do.”
So, the next time you feel stuck and alone, reach out to us – because those who move, create the keys that unlock their chains.


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