Who’s naked? ME or YOUR MIND-SET!

Dr Anushka Reddy Marri                                                                                            RIMS, Adilabad


Do you only board a bus if the driver is wearing brown?                                                Does the queen of England only rule, when she has her crown?

Do you enter a restaurant’s kitchen to check if the chefs wearing a coat?                            Do you look out for a politician’s attire, before casting a vote?

Do the police forget how to protect as they take off their uniform?                                  As the sportswear comes off, do athletes lose their form?

Do the tricks escape the mind as a magician takes off his hat?                                      Without the jersey and the gloves, does a batsman forget how to bat?

A lawyer’s wit and wisdom leaves her without the white and black attire?                      Without the blue clothes, a mechanic cannot change a tyre?

When it is the person not the clothes that does all the learning!                                  When a strong desire to heal and save a life is burning.

Why is a doctor addressed as a sister, just because of the gender?                                And if a little skin is seen, she’s thrown into a blender!

Why does it matter what is worn inside the white coat?                                                Why does it matter if the clothes do not come up to her throat?

When you arrive at the ER, breathing on the edge of a knife;                                        She could be naked, but she’d still save your life.

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