Memorabilia of Lexicon: My Journey

Taj Prabhugaunker

‘Words can, what medicine can’t.’

Having been thriving for a whopping ten years, this motto intrigues me just the same way, as it did when I first came across it and today, as Lexicon completes ten years, my tiny journey of two years feels like forever: A home away from another!

While I pen down this enriching timeline, let’s take a backflip landing us two years back: An 18 year old textbook definition of an introvert 1st year MBBS student scrolling through her Instagram comes across her classmate’s story that featured a certificate of excellence and a very very cute bottle with a logo pasted on it :), On some further stalking and investigations, as fate would have it, i touched down at my destination –  ‘LEXICON: THE MEDICAL MAGAZINE’. After following the page on instagram and having booked my Lexicon newsletter subscription, I ( with a truckload of anxiety) applied for the post of a blogger during their annual recruitments. Being amongst one of the chosen ones, and gotten grilled through two crisp theory rounds and a wholesome interview with Dr Anushka (our dearest Editor in chief of Lexicon), I’m glad to announce here, that I finally made it across the border, as a LEXICONIAN!!

The smartest brainchild of two very prominent doctors (Dr Suranjana ma’am and Dr Raviteja sir), Lexicon, proved itself NOT to be JUST an average next door medical magazine, but rather,

  1. The longest running and the most efficient online medical magazine ( Happy 10 years to us)
  2. An active blog with a  regular update of posts coming up every month on a wide spectrum of medical and lifestyle topics.
  3. A cafeteria full of effective social media content ( Instagram, YouTube, Spotify podcasts)

And most importantly,

  • A GLOBAL community full of intellectually hightened medicos amidst a wide range of career spectrum, enthusiastically co existing and mentoring the upcoming doctors, to bring about a positive change in the society.

Being an amazing platform for medicos to hone their skills in writing, editing, social media and creatives, which not only helps in building up a proficient cv, brick by brick, but also gives exposure to new opportunities and novel life-changing skill set.

Having started my lex journey as a host, at the Lexicon Covid Stars Awards, an enthralling experience of felicitating superheroes donning the white coat TO the painstaking FOMO of missing out on attending the first ever, PAN India conference of lexicon, the LEXIMEET and being the blog manager for the current term, this tiny timeline is filled with a plethora of learnings and memories! Cheers to many more!

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