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The dilemma in healthcare

What does a patient spend in a government hospital for medical care? How is our tax money spent on public health? How can we make sure which health policy to support? – these are some questions that we’ll ponder in this article


Understanding Biostatistics (Outside Of Your PSM Textbooks)

Ever wondered why medical students need to study statistics? In this article, we showcase the power of biostatistics and provide a new perspective towards PSM. We also interviewed Dr. Gargi Kakani who is pursuing her Masters in Public Health from Harvard T.H. Chan. She talks about the global impact of biostatistics and how medical students can help achieve that.


Integration of Alternative Medicine into Evidence-Based Medicine: Fruitful or Futile?

As the world takes a step towards Evidence-Based Medicine, a pertinent question is whether alternative medicine is simply equivalent to a placebo or a science not yet explained by our skill set? This issue has become even more important in the times of a bridge course that could potentially link AYUSH and allopathic medicine. The therapies under alternative medicine have been practiced since time immemorial but is that enough to be able to recommend them to patients.