Written by Dr. Chetana Rajesh

(T/W: Death, Trauma, Grief)

With excitement and dread, 

A blend of feelings only an intern could apprehend 

For 2 weeks we entered the world of emergency medicine, 

To the internship chapter, this was about to bring an important addition. 

Initially, somewhat slow,

But as the days ahead would soon show

A unique place to learn and build new experience, 

Knowledge based merely on books about to close relevance. 

Often, in internship, our job seems trivial 

Checking blood pressure and writing drug orders seem minimal,

Yet to an intern ER is like opening a Pandora’s box, 

Or more aptly, diving into an ocean with possibilities vast.

Not just the  best place to get hands one experience, 

But also gain a birds eye view of various maladies, 

It brings cases from textbooks to life

Inciting enthusiasm for the next case to arrive. 

However not the opportunities alone? 

But the reality that it represents makes it stand out on its own. 

For often , it represents an intents first flipper, of lost pulses, unrecordable blood pressure and cold limbs. 

And therein often lies an interns first confrontation , 

Along with the limitations of our profession , 

Often a forced first confrontation with death and it’s finality, 

Making sadness and grief in the waiting room a reality. 

2 weeks spent in the emergency room, 

Witnessing all shades of emotion from excitement to dread and gloom , 

But it did strengthen the belief that no other rotation, 

With the professions reality could provide better confrontation .

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