Science or God?

By- Akanksha Mahajan (Final year MBBS, Government Medical College, Amritsar)

I think I should definitely begin this extremely sensitive and controversial article with a disclaimer, so, my dearest readers, through this article of mine, I certainly have no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments and you are absolutely free to choose to agree or disagree with what I am going to convey through this piece. So, now, let’s go, shall we?

As you all know, the never-ending debate regarding the existence of god must have been going on for the past several thousand years, ever since we discovered the meaning of “SCIENCE”. So, first of all, let’s begin by defining the terms, “SCIENCE” & “GOD”. Science can be basically defined as an evidence-based study of the world around us, and the laws it operates upon, involving activities like- systematic experimentation, observation, etc. On the other hand, god is believed to be an entity that is formless, almighty, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient but apparently, the existence of god is contradictory to the existence of science. Do you want me to explain how so? 

Because so far, we haven’t found an experiment to prove whether or not god exists. Most “sciency-minds” will argue, “Where is your god, have you seen god? How can you believe in the existence of someone you can’t see?” To all such friends of mine, I would like to ask you all, “When did you get to see the gravity?” But apparently, you talk of a force that pulls us towards the earth, that keeps all planets on their appropriate tracks, preventing all sorts of chaos. Similarly, why can’t god be an invisible force driving the universe, our world, and our human existence? 

I would also like my worthy readers to contemplate another question, that is, how many times have you said or heard the expression, “I LOVE YOU!” Even a kid, who isn’t acquainted with human emotions knows what the warmth of love feels like, isn’t it? We can’t see love but we know how warm true love is supposed to be. Scientifically, we know the true feeling of love isn’t just fictional because it actually affects us at a physical level, at a cellular level, by causing the release of various chemical messengers in our bodies like oxytocin, and dopamine, hence, lending us a sense of warmth and happiness. So, why can’t god exist in that love we feel? After all, we can’t see love, can we? Yet we know it exists, based on how it makes us feel. 

I apologise if I was too philosophical, so, let me dig out some science stuff for you all then. I need you to recall certain science laws first. 

You must have heard of “The law of conservation of energy”, right? It states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be converted from one form to another. 

And who hasn’t heard of Einstein’s E=mc2, that is, the theory of special relativity expresses the fact that mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other?

So, as we discussed earlier that god could be an invisible force driving the universe. So, what is energy? The capacity to do work or the product of force and displacement, right? So, god can certainly exist in the form of an energy, isn’t it? An energy that has always been there even before we all existed and the energy that will always be there even when we all will cease to exist; the energy that exists in every material, every particle, every, molecule, and every atom in the universe; isn’t it what god is supposed to be like? 

So, don’t you think science and god can co-exist? 

Do think about it. I would leave you with your thoughts now. See ya later, folks!

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